Photo APP – Get Photo Inside Hollywood Walk of Fame Layers

I am very excited to meet people from around the world. I’m pretty sure most people are wondering what actually is this “ Hollywood Rising Star?”

“Hollywood Rising Star” is a Photo Application. Yes! A photo App! You can download the App to your Android or Apple Iphone. Downloading the App is easy. The instructions on how to use the App is shown on the Hollywood Rising Star Website.


Hollywood Rising Star is another fun way of sharing your photos on any social network. Presently, the App has six different options for putting your photos in Hollywood images. Once you place your photos inside the Star, you may save the photos to share at a later date. One may use it to send a unique message to loved ones, friends or family.

Hollywood Rising Star invites you to share. We will love to hear your comments. We are creating a video short for your enjoyment that will be released soon.

Have Fun! Enjoy your photos inside the Hollywood Stars!

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