Hollywood Star Walk Ceremony


Hollywood Side Walk


HollywoodHollywood Boulevard honors media celebrities by putting their name within a star on the sidewalk of Walk of Fame. This star in sidewalk celebration happens almost every month in a ceremony, called “star unveiling ceremony”.


When I worked on Hollywood Boluevard. I wittnessed a number of celebrities, including Kevin Costner, Britrney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Celine Dion received their stars right in front of the Dolby theather.

This week, actor, comedian Will Ferrel received his Star Unveiling Ceremony on the Sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard.

It is really interesting to watch this ceremonies closely. It gives a chance to see celebrities up close in one of their indelible career moments. Their name will be in that star as long as the Hollywood sidewalk exists on Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood Rising Star App is making this ceremony imagination in its own photo layers. You can create your own imaginary star memorabilia, when you put your photo one of the Stars of Hollywood Rising Star.

This Photo App – Hollywood Rising Star gives us an immense pleasure when we see our snap on any Hollywood Walk of fame layers, it provide us imaginary celebrity status, and we can create memorabilia, keepsakes etc. This app is available on both Android/Apple platforms.

Enjoy with your Photo App and share your comments with us.

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